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Multiple SIP Lines on a single account

Hi All

Is it possible to set up multiple SIP lines on a single account? I would like to use Freshphone for my family and give each one a different number. Setting up new accounts for the kids is a challenge due to RICA requirements (they don't have municipality bills, even though I think they should :-) )


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Hi Candice, not sure what you mean by assign? do you need to install them on devices? Please could you give me some more information, thanks!

Sorry about that! Yes, i want each family member to use one of the numbers i have added to my account. I want to be able to let each of them use one of the numbers and i control the funds available on that number. Also, i would like to use one of the numbers as a kind of rotating number for my "on call" bookings number. Each week i will rotate the number between 2 staff members who take my bookings from referring doctors and hospitals. So in that instance i thought i would give each staff member a number (from my account which i pay for and monitor) and then alternate those two numbers working around the booking number i choose. I hope that makes sense?

Hi Candice

You would need an account for each person. Your account, no matter on how many numbers you have, is only capable of being installed on one device at a time, any more than that and they will fight for registration. 

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