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Ported number no longer working!

My Telkom Number was ported in March 2017. Up until this June 2017 I had no problems receiving calls from people using the ported number. Now when the ported number is dialed the response is that the number no longer exists. 

Hi Rupert, 

We phoned your Ported number and the phone rang through, I also see incoming call logs to the number. 

Could you please let us know if you are still experiencing this and if this is only from a specific network operator? eg. Telkom, Vodacom, MTN etc. 

It could be that the specific operator has not updated the correct routing when the number was ported. 

I have the same problem. How do I resolve this

I have the same problem. How do I resolve this

Hi Nilesh, 

Could we request that you submit an example of this issue to

We would need the following:

The number you dialled from 

The Time and Date 

The exact system Message provided. 

Please note in order for us to accurately track this example must be submitted within a one hour of the event.

Hi Nilesh and Rupert

I am busy going through old posts and came across this one. From my investigations, I see that both of you are receiving calls via your ported numbers.

Have a great day

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