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Porting Neotel number

Hi Freshman, I wanted to know how do i go about porting my neotel number.Its a prepaid line so i do not receive any statements and Neotel say they can't send me any statements to show its my number.They say you guys can check on port me and that they only need you to send a request to port the number.Now where do i get the documents you require to go through with the porting? Regards Siya A.

Hi Admire

In order for us to submit your port to be processed we require an invoice with an account number with the numbers listed which belong to you, if they are unable to send you an invoice you can request a authorization letter form them with their letter head just stating your details and numbers you wish to port.

Unfortunately we cannot proceed without this and I know it can be a headache, kindly request a auth letter from them and upload this letter as your invoice when submitting your port.

Thanks,my number finally got ported but now,i had an active divert on all voice calls with Neotel and i still see the diivert is still active.How do i cancel that?

We see that your number is indeed ported successfully, are you sure you do not perhaps have another number set to divert. The number that you ported currently does not have any diverts set up.

I also have a Neotel prepaid number i would like to port to Fresh. I have a statement from March 2017 from before I changed to prepaid. I recently requested the authorization letter and they have sent me a Welcome letter with all my details on it. Will this be acceptable?

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately the bill from March 2017 will not be accepted as it is out dated. If the Welcome letter has your details, the telephone number as well as an account number then it should be accepted. 

I would suggest submitting what you have and waiting on the porting authorities to advise if it will be accepted or not. 



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