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More than 1 device on account

I have a desktop IP phone connected to my FreshPHONE account, and I've set up the Zoiper app on my mobile, but it seems as though only 1 device is registered at any time. 

Is this a limitation of the service or am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to have two devices connected to the same number at the same time? (so that if an incoming call comes in, it rings on both devices?)

Hi Tyron, 

Our Parent Company - Euphoria Telecom offers this functionality as part of their Enterprise Business PABX package, it is a premium feature and hence, unfortunately, is not included within the free residential platform. 

Only one device may be online at a specific period. 

How do I swap devices on the account then? The phone currently connected is the desktop phone and I would rather my DECT cordless phones (of which I have 4 and would therefore hear the phone ringing throughout the house) were the ones connected.


Hi Stephanie, 

I hope you are well. You will need to disable the account on the device before registering the account on the second device. The two devices will keep fighting for registration and there is a chance you will miss incoming calls, so you will need to disable the account. 

Thank you.

Thanks Fresh Man.  This is also my problem.  Could I create a second account the resolve the problem?


Sure, you are allowed to create up to 5 accounts.

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