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Can I port a Telkom number which is owned by my company?  This number is current and I have the latest Telkom paid invoice.  I can get a letter form the company, etc formally requesting the porting.  Please advise if this can be done and what additional information is required other than that which you advise on your website. 


Hi Jewel,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query.

Thank you.

My Telkom landline 021. 4340951

Thanks, application submitted accordingly and paid.

Yes, that should be fine, however, if the last statement came through in April, are you sure the number is still active. 

If not you will need to contact Telkom to enquire into if the number still belongs to you or id it has been redistributed. 

1.  It's for private yes.

2.  Last Telkom statement came by post and was for April 2016.  Is this okay?

3.  Is the director letter authorising porting and his ID sufficient?

Yes as long as you are the director of the company, you will be able to port the number. Please keep in mind that FreshPhone is designed for residential use, if you would like to receive more information about a business solution please contact our parent company Euphoria Telecom

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