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Still not RICA'ed

Why am I still waiting to be RICA'ed. I've sent in my document?

Please respond asap.


Hi Christof, 

The RICA process does not stop you from getting your phone setup, and making a few test calls... you can even claim your R5 voucher. 

Our admin staff are working as fast as they can, unfortunately, its just a manual process. Please be patient. 

It's now over 24 hours and still not RICA'd. When I upload docs I never get a successful upload screen, just returns to the please submit screen. Surely this cannot be so difficult!!

Also never got a voucher and it never went to spam (checked already). 

Hi Johan,

I have checked your account and as far as I can see, no documents have been uploaded, which is why we have not been able to accept your RICA.

I can see that you are using an Outlook email address, which might be why you have not received the Voucher. Outlook makes use of Mimecast which could be blocking our mails. I can see that it was definitely sent to you. 

Please send an alternative email address (Preferably Gmail) to in order for me to forward you the Voucher code that was sent to you yesterday at 09h35AM. 



I have uploaded 3 times to no avail, you must have some issue with uploads. The upload is 3.4mb large, do you have a size restriction?

Hi Johan,

There is a 20mb limit on our server, however I can see that your RICA was approved yesterday at 16h54.

Have a good day!

Johan glad you got your RICA'd. After 7 month nothing was done to my account.

Hi Christof

I see the RICA on your account was submitted by you on the 9th February and approved by us on the 9th February 2017.

Please advise if you have any further issues that have not been addressed and I shall assist.



Freshman, go check

It still says Your RICA documents are pending. Someone will be validating your documents shortly.

Number: 27872383918

So don't tell me it has been RICA'd.


Hi Christof

I see the account 27872383918 which you are referring too has been scrapped/Deleted, however you are currently using account number 27872383843 which is online, RICA'd and in use since the 27th March 2017 which I was referring too earlier.

I'm not sure where the confusion lies as you have a operational account which has been RICA'd.



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