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Ported Telkom number not working

The ported Telkom number shows in the DID Manager panel, but if the number is called there is no response/ not available.

Hi Umesh,

I've answered your question on the private ticket you submitted. 

Thank you. 

why can i not receive and incoming calls on my yealink phone

Thank you very much for this wonderful news. Will look into it.

Hi, my ported Telkom number works when it is dialled from a cell phone but friends dialling from a fixed Telkom landline get an engaged signal. Could Telkom have disconnected the number when my service with them was cancelled and how can I resolve?

Best regards

I have now find out that my cordless telephones are NOT VoIP compatible. I want to cry!!! Will have to try and find compatible VoIP phone first.

Issue resolved many thanks to Fresh Man

Hi Andrew,

I tested the number on my side and the number rings, I did not receive a message stating the number is not with us. Please test the number and advise if the issue persists. 

Thank you. 

Hi. My ported number has been working perfectly for the last few months, but today whenever I call the ported telkom number I get the automated response that the number is not on the Euphoria network. Any suggestions?

I suppose the SIP NR and all other set-up info Wirulink would need to configure the router so that when I get it, it can be plugged in and will work . Hope I'm explaining myself clearly? You have also asked for pics of my telephone which I will be using, I have sent it but have had no feedback yet. Greetings. Monty Montgomery.

Hi Henry,

Please advise on what information they need from us. 

Hi, I'm changing from Cell C to Wirulink as my ISP. Wirulink will pre program the router that I am getting now, but they need all the SIP nr etc etc. Please be so kind as to forward me all the necessary details they would need to be able to pre program the router. Greetings, HJ MONTGOMERY.

Hi Dominic,

If I try dialling your ported telkom number now from a cellphone and it worked but from a telkom landline it did not so it looks as though the issue is with telkom's routing of that number. I have informed our porting department and they will follow up.

My number was successfully ported. When I dial out using my A510IP Gigaset, the number that comes out on the receiving phone is my telkom number (happy with that) but when I try dialing my telkom number I get a message that number dialed is not available, why?


Hi Clement,

I will create a private ticket so we can discuss this issue further. 

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