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How to purchase Airtime using a Credit Card

This short video will show you the simple steps involved in purchasing airtime using your credit card for your Fresh PHONE account.

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hi,i tried to purchase with my FNB gold card,after receiving the OTP code i made a mistake n punched the wrong code and i my card was then im tryin to use capitec and still having problems too

Hi Bradley

Please send your billing query to

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im also having a similar problem with FNB visa card is there any other way i can use to purchase airtime?

screen shot attached bellow.

i just tried with ABSA card stil same error ,find the attached screenshot bellow

Hi Albet

I see you have sent a mail to They will deal with it via there as this is a public forum

I"m using debit mastercard to purchase airtime but it wouldn't accept it why?

Hi Moloke, 

I hope you are well. As mentioned in a previous post we do not support any other payment function besides credit cards. I apologise for the inconvenience.  

Thank you. 

Thanks my phone is still connected.

Funny how people just have to mention that they have a FNB gold card. That is the same as having a Click Club card... everyone can get one..... :)

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