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Managing your dialing restrictions

This video will take you through a step by step guide to setting up and managing your dialing restrictions.

hi,how do i unblock calling other countries

Hi Bradley/Londiwe/Faris

If you watch the video, it tells you exactly how to do it at about 2 minutes into the video. 

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thank you FRESH MAN you're the best

The above steps where not sufficient to enable international calling for me. I get a voice prompt stating that the call rate to this destination has changed and I must consult the telkom website. It goes on to say that to interrupt this message I can press any key on the dial-pad.  This does not work.

The number I am trying to dial is +31 (Netherlands)

Hi Richard

The steps above were sufficient to dial internationally. I can see on your account that you are no longer getting a Restrictions error. If you wait for the announcement to end, it should direct you to your destination. When Telkom changes their international rates to a country, that message always plays for a few days, this does not effect your rates though

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Thanks it is working today - on friday it was cutting the call. Perhaps because I was following the instructions and pressing keys on the dial pad to bypass the message as instructed.

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