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Incoming Calls Not Working

I have signed up for Fresh Phone and configured my Snom300 phone with the account. I am however still unable to receive calls on 0872300051.

Could you please let me know asap

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The DND is off and I have another sip account on the phone and that recieves and makes calls. Its the standard voicemail message from the sip server.

Hi Michael, 

thank you for your enquiry, have a look at the fix below it seemed to be a result of "Support Broken Registrar" not being enabled.

Hi Support I too are having the same issue and have followed all the steps. Initially I could not make or receive calls and all incoming calls went straight to voice mail. After following all steps above my outgoing calls are now dialing but as soon as the destination answers it disconnects. My user is 27872383770. Phone is a snom 320 and is fully registered. I have tried on my zoipher and works fine with incoming and outgoing so router and network are fine. Something between Freshphone and our Snom phone not loving each other. 

Please assist urgently. 

Kind regards

Hi Rob

I get an unavailable message when calling your phone. My guess would be that the phone has DND ( Do Not Disturb) enabled on it.

DND is definitely not enabled. I already checked that.

Hi Rob,

Have you checked that the correct codec is in use? ( G729 ) You could also have a look at the RTP encryption setting on the device as this might also cause the issue. Please let me know once you have checked.

YEs I have done all of that. Before doing that it would register but not make calls or receive. Now it makes calls but as soon as they answered it disconnects but incoming still goes to voicemail. 

Have you guys tested this on Snom phone as on my zoipher works perfeclty

I have yes and still no luck 

That is strange, usually support broken registrar solves the issue. If the phone reports registered and the above settings are configured as such, there should be no reason why the server is not able to route calls to that device.


Am also having the Same Problem with my Snom320 Phone, Am able to make call to any service provider but when they answer the call, It automatically cuts off and also am also unable to receive calls from the phone. my numbers are +2787 057 2919


Please fine the phone log files below


Hi Bouga

Please replicate the RTP and broken registrar setting as per this link

Hi, I don't know whether the phone is on DND or not. That may be my problem.

I have two handsets and have recorded messages on both (*85#) and have set up voicemail to email. Phone calls go straight through to voicemail (not available) without the phones ringing and I get emails correctly. Ring timeout is set to 20 seconds.

Hi Jeff,

I hope you are well. I see you have two accounts on Freshphone, one of the accounts is showing offline on my side and could be why no calls are going through. Please check to see if you can register the account which is offline and test. If the issue still persists please check the settings on the phone or reseting the actual handset to default could help remove any settings that are causing the issue.  

Thank you. 

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