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How to setup Zoiper Mobile App automatically on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows and Linux,

Fastest Setup for a Mobile App

1) Got into the TMS ( and select your account, then on the dashboard page, scroll to the  Account Settings section.

2) Click the Zoiper QR code button illustrated below:

3) The QR Code will display.

4) Now open Zoiper

5) Tap the QR Code icon on the top left of the home (dialer) screen, 

6) Using the phone's camera, scan the QR code that should still be open on your PC.

7) The system will automatically install the correct settings, 

8) Tap Login button, and your account will be setup and ready to go.

G729 is a codec, think of it as a zip file vs a uncompressed file, if you email a large file to someone it may take a long time to download it (if they have slow internet) if you zip that file and send it to them compressed, it will download faster. It helps with data saving and sounds better on low bandwidth links.

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Thank you Freshman for your reply. How do I go about acquiring a Codec-G729? Is there a Cost involved?

The codec will be an in-app purchase on your device, you need to have a look through the zoiper/groundwire app for purchases and then you can select G729.

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Is there a Superior & Better Codec or Alternative than the G729 for Mobile Smartphones to achieve the Best Voice/message Quality & Least "Dropped calls"?

We only support G729, iLBC and GSM for mobile phones. Of the choices listed, G729 is the best choice.

Thank you for your response.


Thank you. 

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