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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi there. I received the following email from Freshphone this morning:

Dear Customer,

Please note that the porting process for FP-PORTv2-00316 has been successful.

Your number will be ported on December 04 2018.

Kind regards,
The FreshPHONE Porting Department

I just need to confirm the following: Do I cancel the landline with Telkom or is this automatically taken care of in the porting process? If I have to cancel the landline, do I have to wait until December 04 before cancelling the landline?

Thank you

Hi Aadil Lakhi,

There is no technical reason why you would not be able to port a business account number to FreshPhone but bare in mind that this service was primarily designed  for residential use. 

In the event, you are looking for a service catering exclusively for business telephony I would refer you to (our parent Company) providing complete Hosted PBX services from as little as R195.00 per month excluding Vat. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

Hi, I paid the 150.00 to port my telkom number 011 782 0080 to freshphone on the 19/11/2017. Please advise progress.


(Porting)mine has been added , but I also see my first line 087 has become a pbx, Please explain how this works. can I make my new 087 fall away and just use my porting number

Thx Len

Hi there. I paid to port my Telkom 031 number on 27 September and was told it would be done on 10 October 2017. By 15:00 my Telkom phone was dead. I tried to dial it and it said the number was incorrect.

I then plugged it into my GrandStream HT802 and dialed it but still could not call it.

How will I know when it is ported? Will it display underneath my 087 FreshPhone number in the DID manager?

Will I need to change anything on my HT802 like its username from the 2787XXXXXXX number to 2731XXXXXXX

Does my SIP username of 2787XXXXXXX and its password also change?


I was told my number would be ported. When dialling the ported number after the port date it did not go through to my FreshPhone account.

I currently have Telkom ISDN with two number, can I port both these numbers to 1 SIP number or must I add an additional SIP number? 

Hi Eugene, Yes, our Residential Number Porting system is in place. You can port any geographical number.

There was a problem last week with regards to validating the response from PayGate - now that this issue has been resolved, the online Porting application page works fine.

In your case, someone will be in contact with you, if they have not already. They will give you the link in an email (the same link that the online form provides.) The Online form, requires you to upload a two scanned documents and one DPF that you generate online.

Hi Clement,

I will create a private ticket so we can discuss this issue further

No response for me??

You've taken the money according to PayGate... but no port form.

What's going on?

Hey Fresh Team,

How about a response to my ticket :-) ?

Shouldn't be long. Will probably take you 5 min.

How does one even respond to a ticket... I just get an email telling me a ticket has been opened, but no way of accessing it. When I email back I'm told in the email "we don't do support, contact the forum".

Hi Adenaan,

Once you have filled out the porting document on our side, Freshphone will take care of the porting from Telkom to our system. Your landline will be activate on our system on the 4th of December. 

Thank you. 

Hi, Once my Telkom number has been ported, how do I link it to my FreshPhone account?

Hi Eric, 

We have escalated the matter with the network operator. 

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