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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Is it possible to get another geographical number allocated to replace my 087 number. I no longer have an active Telkom account/number

Hi Adenaan,

I will create a private ticket regarding your query. 

Thank you. 

Hi there, I ported my landline number using your porting service. I was told that porting would be done on the 4th of December, and I now see the number under my DID. But my physical landline is still active. I thought that the landline with Telkom is automatically cancelled as part of this process. Is my thinking correct or do I still have to cancel the landline with Telkom myself? If it is the latter, can I go ahead and do so? FP-PORTv2-00316

Hi Andre,

I hope you are well. I will create a private ticket for you regarding this query. 

Thank you. 

I just created a FreshPHONE account and completed the RICA process.
I now want to port my Telkom landline number, but I get an error message: There seems to have been a problem please reload the page. If the problem persists please notify us with the problem and we will resolve it as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please let me know once this has been sorted.


Hi Adenaan,

Once you have filled out the porting document on our side, Freshphone will take care of the porting from Telkom to our system. Your landline will be activate on our system on the 4th of December. 

Thank you. 

Hi there. I received the following email from Freshphone this morning:

Dear Customer,

Please note that the porting process for FP-PORTv2-00316 has been successful.

Your number will be ported on December 04 2018.

Kind regards,
The FreshPHONE Porting Department

I just need to confirm the following: Do I cancel the landline with Telkom or is this automatically taken care of in the porting process? If I have to cancel the landline, do I have to wait until December 04 before cancelling the landline?

Thank you

Hi Nadir,

I hope you are well. Please be advised that the porting process takes between 7-21 days. Its best to submit the porting documents to us at the beginning of the month to reduce double billing. I apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

Thank you. 

How long does it take you to port from Telkom? Telkom takes over a month to cancel and i am trying to reducing double billing.  If i cancel the Telkom account now, and sign up for your porting service now, will you be able to port within the month? 

Hi Johannes,

If you filled out the porting documents on our side you will not need to contact Telkom. 

Thank you. 

Do I still need to cancel my TELKOM line with Telkom after my number has been ported or is the cancellation done automatically?

Hi Adenaan,

Thank you. 

Thank you for the prompt response. I think the safest is then to hold off on the porting for now. I'll cancel the internet subscription as soon as my fibre is active, and then port at the same time.

Hi Adenaan,

I hope you are well. You will need to request a new number from Telkom if you port your number before your internet cancelation date. Having an ADSL line requires the line to have  a geographical number to operate. I would also like to point out that it takes close to two weeks for the porting process to be completed. 

Thank you. 

Hi there. I'd like to port my landline number in preparation for fibre roll-out happening in my area. Activation should happen in a week or so. I currently have a bundled service from Telkom where I use them for the ADSL line, internet connection and ISP. I obviously don't want any service interruption whilst fibre is not yet active. If I port my landline number and hold off on cancelling my Telkom line, will this ensure that my internet service is not disrupted? Put differently, if I port my current landline number, do I have to request another landline number from Telkom to ensure that my internet service is not disrupted?

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