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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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I read through this thread before porting my geographic number with the hopes of finding out exactly how the process would go and read mostly of the issues others have experienced. If you are in the same boat and wondering what to to expect, this was my experience. Extremely quick an seamless, thanks FreshPhone!

Fri 21 Jan 2019:

2:45PM Started the process of porting a Telkom 021 by clicking Port Geographic Number in the DID Manager.

Made payment via credit card.

Followed the instructions and filled out the application form. Received an e-mail to verify my email addy and another to confirm that the application had been completed.

Uploaded the application form and supporting documents as requested.

2:49PM Email confirmation from FreshPhone stating that they had received the request to port.

2:51PM Email confirmation stating that the documents had been verified and sent to the Network Provider, mentioned that the process may take from 1-3 weeks to complete.

Mon 21 Jan 2019: 

Email notification saying that the number would be ported on 22 Jan 2019.

Tue 22 Jan 2019:

The landline number to be ported appeared in the DID manager but the Telkom line was still operating as normal and calls were not yet being routed to FreshPhone.

Wed 23 Jan 2019:

Telkom line no longer has a dial tone, when picking up I get the busy tone.

Calls are correctly routed to FreshPhone.

Submitted my service cancellation request to Telkom. FREEDOM!!!

Hi Michael, Ported numbers are added to the original account, but added as an additional number (DID), so you cam actually receive calls over both numbers once ported.

The cost for porting to FreshPHONE has been reduced to R150 - mainly because the process all happens online, and there is much less admin involved. Porting is an admin intensive process - mainly in dealing with Telkom, as you can imagine its not fun :( but well gladly do it for 150 buks tho!

Hi, thanks for the confirmation on the pricing! R150 is definitely a better deal.

Can you confirm the after porting process as well please? 


Yes, our admin team will let you know once completed. 

Hi Andrew, thanks for the feedback! We are glad you had a seemless port and are now free :)

Hi, I submitted a request to have my 011 number ported. I paid for it and submitted all paperwork, and today I get a port rejection email that I can’t be ported as the line is cancelled. This however is not true, as the voice line is still active and I’m currently using it and telkom has also confirmed that the line is active and not cancelled

How many days does the process takes from a completed and paid application to the ported number being being implemented on the FP platform?

My landline was ported in January and is still receiving Telkom accounts. what do I do now?

Hi Chris

I have replied to you via a ticket.


Hi there.

I just tried to port my phone number and managed to make a payment using my credit card.

After the payment went through I had a internet issue and cant seem to complete the process

I have received an email from Paygate saying the payment was successful. 

If I try do the port again I have to go through the payment page.

 Hi Fresh Porting, I went through the process of porting my number and paid and signed through RightSignature. I cannot remember uploading all the documents. Will ibe able to see the ported number on my profile once completed instead of the 087...... number? Sorry I know you do not give much support because there is no monthly charge but it is new technology for an old man. Thank you.

Hi Neill

Yes, you can port a number numerous times as long as you are able to obtain the owner of the number when searching it on CRDB

Hi Frans

Please be advised that Telkom has a 30 day cancellation period and that you will still receive 1 bill with your ported number on.

You number ported on the 15th January 2020, so you are still within the 30 day period.

Tested number porting this morning.

Can still phone from old landline number and the CLI shows the number that was supposed to be ported.

Can phone from VOIP phone using porting number as CLI and that works fine, porting number also shows up on DID.

Looks like Telkom did not release the line on their end perhaps? 

Hi there. I wish to port my Telkom 031 number. What is the process after paying the R150 via paygate? Do I have to inform Telkom and cancel with them? How long will the porting process take?



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