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Geographic Number Porting

Our Geographic Number Porting service will be available within 10 working days.

We will update this POST once ready.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Peter-John

It is possible to move your geographic number from one account to another.

The cost to move the number is R150. Vat Incl.


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I have a geographic number with FreshPhone and would like to port it to another FreshPhone account, is that possible?

Hi Alta 

Kindly advise on when you have received this sms, as Neotel has closed their prepaid division in August 2019.

Thank you

Hi Alta,

I will ask our porting department to assist. 

@porting please assist the client. 

Neotel closed their prepaid service. How do I port my neotel nr please advice.

Hi Paul 

You may port your number away after a year, yes.

If I port my landline to FreshPhone and then in a year's time decide to move away, can I port this number to another service provider?

Many thanks.

Hi Chris

I have replied to you via a ticket.


Telkom require a Porting reference number in order to stop billing me

Otherwise their billing just carries on.  Telling their billing dept that the number has been ported is not enough

Where do I find such a reference?


Hi Frans

Please be advised that Telkom has a 30 day cancellation period and that you will still receive 1 bill with your ported number on.

You number ported on the 15th January 2020, so you are still within the 30 day period.

My landline was ported in January and is still receiving Telkom accounts. what do I do now?

Hi Andre

Please be advised that Porting take place anywhere between 5pm - midnight. Your number should be active.

Please test your number again and advise.

If your number is still not working, please log a ticket at

So my number was ported and it's showing up in my DID manager and can set it as my caller ID, but when I phone the number it says the number does not exist and when I call from the phone it shows the ported number? What's the point of porting the number if you can't call it and it's just an caller ID no one can call back to?

Hi Linda

Numbers port at around midnight

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