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Anlogoue phone


I have a Huawei B315 LTE router, with an LTE internet service.

The router does does support VOIP settings and has the necessary for the phone to be connected directly.

I would like to use my anaolgue phone connected to router, with the Fresh Phone VOIP settings.

Will this work?


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Hi Bradley,

I hope you are well. Please, can you disable the firewall and SIP ALG on the Huawei router. Those are the features on the router that are blocking the traffic to our servers. 

Thank you. 

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Thanks, i will try that

i tried still cant get it registered


Hi Bradley,

I hope you are well. I see that your firewall settings are set to high, please can you set your firewall off or to low. Please, can you also try using the physical domain Ip address ( instead of the domain address ( 


Thank you. 

hi Fresh Man,everything is working perfect, do i still have to change the domain ip and firewall settings?

Hi Bradley

If it is working then don't worry about changing it


Does Anyone know What settings to use for The Huawei B593,

I am getting "Registering" only

I have followed all settings as per above..

Has anyone tried this with the B593?


I had to click register on the account Page on the WebPage

I'm up

And it works

Hi Lloyd,

Thank you. 

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