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How do I setup a Yealink W52P/W56P Handset and Base?

These steps assume you have signed up successfully and have access to your online portal available at 

Step 1 - Hardware Power Up

  1. Plug the Base Station into the power
  2. Power ON the Handset
  3. Plug the Handset charging cradle.

Step 2 - Handset Registration to the Base

  1. Long press the button on top of the base station till the registration LED slow flashes. 
  2. Then press the OK key to enter the main menu on the handset, select Settings->Registration->Register Handset.
  3. Select the desired base and press the OK soft key. The handset begins searching the base.
  4. Press the OK soft key after searching a base successfully.
  5. Enter the base PIN (default: 0000), and then press the Done soft key to complete registration.
  6. After the success of registration, the handset LCD screen prompts “Handset subscribed”.
  7. If you have a second or thrid handset, simply repeat the process for each Handset.

Step 3 - Getting the IP address of the Base Station from the Handset

  1. Press OK on the Handset - it will bring up the menu items.
  2. Press OK again on the (i) Icon which is usually selected by default.
  3. Press OK again on 1st menu item which says Base
  4. The IP address will be displayed on the screen it should 4 numbers separated by a . (dot)

Step 4 - Retrieving your Phone/SIP Settings

  1. Login to your online portal at
  2. Click on our Account - it should be the only one in the list
  3. On the dashboard you will see Phone/SIP Settings in the lower right-hand corner.
  4. Please keep these details available for the next step. (see image below)
  5. You will need to click Show Password to see the password. (Don't share it!)

Step 4 - Adding your Fresh PHONE account details to the Base.

  1. You will need to use a PC or Tablet connected to your Wifi or Home Lan.
  2. Open an Internet Browser such as Chrome or Safari
  3. Type in the IP address of your base station - example (you would need enter your own one)
  4. A login screen for the base station should appear in your browser (see image below)

  5. Enter the Username = admin and Password = admin

  6. You will open up on the Status Tab - Select the Account Tab (image below)

  7. Using the information from the image above you would enter the following.
    (You will need to enter the details from your Phone/SIP Settings)

    Use the default Account1
    Line Active = Select "Enabled" from the drop-down menu
    Label "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Display Name "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Register Name "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    "Enter your SIP Username" =  27879446279
    Password "Enter your SIP Password = (Click show password to see yours)
    Server Host "Enter your Server Host =

  8. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page

  9. The Register Status at the top should change to Registered.

Step x - Setting your Time Server
  1. Click on the Settings Tab

  2. On the left hand menu click Time & Date

  3. Ensure the settings are as follows

    DHCP Time = Enabled
    Time Zone = +2 Greece, Israel, Russia
    Daylight Saving = disabled
    Primary Server =
    Secondary Server = "blank"

  4. The rest of the settings can remain default

  5. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page.

Your Fresh PHONE should now be fully operational, outbound calls are dependant on your air time baalnce.

Thanks you

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Hi Robin

This will be your issue

And, the Yealink configuration app shows “Register failed”.  I have Account 1 and Account 2 Enabled to carry the ported Telkom number and the Freshphone 087 number. 

Your account is the 2787 number and not your ported number. Your ported number points at that 2787 number, so please remove the account on the Yealink that has your ported number as a username. 

The account will be seen as a hacking attempt on our server (due to incorrect credentials coming through, ie your ported number as a username) Our Blacklisting software will block your public IP( the IP address of your internet connection) Every few days that blacklist is flushed, like what happened on Monday night so that its working for you again. But it will soon be blacklisted again

Now it is working.  No intervention by myself. Overnight fix.......?

Similar issues >

Device Offline and Register failed


My service is intermittent.  We run for a while and then don’t have a connection. We’ve lived with it from the beginning and become accustomed to an uncertain service.  I offered to share the experience with a neighbour needing to escape from a fixed LTE in a poor service area and realized just how I have allowed it to drift.  I do hope you can help to debug this arrangement.

My exploration shows the SIP Dashboard is showing “Device Offline”.

And, the Yealink configuration app shows “Register failed”.  I have Account 1 and Account 2 Enabled to carry the ported Telkom number and the Freshphone 087 number.

Hardware is a Yealink W60B with a single W56H handset.

Internet is by Axxess over fibre through a Tenda router.

Traceroute looks like this >

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.1098]

(c) 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.




Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:


  1     2 ms     1 ms     2 ms

  2     8 ms     5 ms     9 ms []

  3    10 ms     3 ms     7 ms []

  4     6 ms    10 ms     5 ms []

  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.

  6     *        *        *     Request timed out.

  7    26 ms    26 ms    26 ms


Trace complete.

Press and hold the OK button

How do I factory reset my Yealink T 21 E2 handset?

Hi Vaughan, 

It shouldn't be as these settings are set on dial out (the cli is collected from our database) so it shouldn't even require a re-registration but its always good to give a device a reboot to be safe.


Would like to thank you for the guide. Was really a simple process to get my Yealink up and running.

The only thing worth mentioning is that the change of Caller id from the VOIP number to the 010 number only seems to take affect on resetting of the connection between the base and freshphone.

Thanks guys. The big telecoms should take note on how to offer a service.

Hi Louise

I found that 3 instances of your account were running at the same time. 2 on your base and one browser phone. After closing the browser phone and disabling the second account of your cordless base station. All is now working.

Have a great day

Look at the email I sent you

I see its online! and now I can see all the details of the phone which I never saw before.

I can call out, but still cannot call in. The latency however is shocking and my fibre connections seems to be very poor, maybe I should try restarting the router again?

I saw on the interface, but it now went back to registered on the Browser phone. This means that you are using 2 devices with your account on and they will clash all the time. You can't use 2 devices at the same time with 1 account shared between them

I did test and it didnt work, but where do you see that it is online? The web interface from freshphone still says offline to me? 

I have emailed you my IP address as requested.

Your phone is online again. test the incoming calls

Hi Freshman

Sorry, but I dont see the screen shot?

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